Advanced Cloud Platform to Provide Secure and Reliable Services 

EsiHome ‘s task is to help clients (Business owners) to manage their business with a better and easier way. With our cloud-based platform they select the most appropriate method to manage their business, meanwhile they don’t need to worry about the software’s features and availability. Mostly we offer the managed solution platform to clients, it comes with no on-premise infrastructure for clients, they just need to pay a reasonable service price that will make the solution work and keep updating with new features and technologies. 

Big Data Analysis to Support Data-Driven Decision Making 

Big data is the key part for all aspects of current advanced technology. User’s data, daily business data, real time data got from IOT sensors, all these data will be collected with an efficient way and to be washed out and put into an analysis algorithm or AI model, which is the tool to help people to get right and quick information to make correct decisions, also called Actionable Intelligence. 

AI Algorithms Integration to Make Cloud Services Smarter 

AI is a must have tool for current management solutions. Computer vision’s facial and action recognition, management behaviour self-learning to smooth the management procedure, anomaly Detection, predictive analytics, all these technologies will be easily used in our solution platform as the requirements of industry features. 

Smart Devices Integration to Extend Cloud Services into IoT Systems 

With the communication technology is getting in touch with 5G which is “base-band” of IOT (internet of things) technology, our solution is adopting latest IOT solutions to enhance the business management functionality. Such as smart tracking devices, multi-purpose sensors to collect various real time data to feed the management platform for doing quick response and make right decision, etc.