Idustry Solution Builder 

EsiHome is a business management solution builder for small to medium business and organizations.

With the industrial expertise and business running experiences, by taking advantage of cloud-based platform and Big Data, AI, IOT technologies we build solutions for the industry, which provides low cost and high efficiency development and operation environment.

Service provider 

EsiHome is an “application as a service” provider. The software solutions and services designed specifically to help various organizations more efficiently operate and engage in things like customer management, employee management , building society relationship, branding, advocacy and Web management.

Unlike traditional on-premise systems, with our help your management application can be up and running within days, not months. With no need for bulky on-site equipment, and with EsiHome with you every step of the way, your initialization on the cloud is seamless.
Our Managed application services delivers a customizable, robust, and easy to use service platform.

That means you’ll always have the latest, most advanced management tools and technology at your fingertips.

Cost Saving

No up-front investment

Long-term operational savings

No expensive equipment

Easy deployment via. Cloud

Long-Term Efficiencies

On-demand scalability

Automatic software updates

Ongoing strategic support

Unsurpassed Reliability

Service Provider integration

Geographical Survivability

Maximum disaster preparedness

24/7 Network monitoring


Customer Data encryption

User data isolated with management data

Customer access right management

Technology Consultant 

With our expertise of industrial experiences, we build the solution service platform for the business owners in this industry, then business owners do not need to spend time on selecting IT system and business management applications.

Just tell us your business purpose, we can optimize it for you, then you use it without buying any software and non-personal using computers.

We solve your business pain with develop a tool that is just for your purpose

Efficiency, low cost, reliable, because it will be a cloud-based application

Join it, use it, upgrade functions as latest needs required in hours

Technology Researcher 

By having decades of software development experiences, along with the latest technology trend, we keep in the research work to leverage many cutting-edge technologies turn traditional business management platforms and tools into an intelligence oriented, big data analysis enabled, self-learning and self-growth platform.

Provides operational intelligence software that monitors, reports, and analyzes real-time machine data, including logs and Big Data sources, for operational intelligence.

Business Intelligence

Build operational system with intelligence software that monitors, reports, and analyzes real-time machine data, including logs and Big Data sources

Big Data

Industry focused Business Intelligence
&Big Data classify and filter, generate simple&direct result to save user's time

IOT Eco System

With the benifits brought by IOT technology, we are selecting smart devices to build a IOT Eco system for various of business environments


Deep Vision for Facial Recognition, Action Recognition and Natural Language Recognition to Recommendation System and Prediction System