EsiHome Cloud Services

EsiHome Cloud Services utilize cutting-edge technologies to build cloud-based services for small or medium businesses to improve operational efficiency, increase profitability and simplify regulation compliance

With EsiHome Cloud Services, SMB owners or administrators can focus
all efforts on their business instead of IT infrastructure or paper work.  

Who We Are

Industry Solution Builder

We build business management solutions to help business owners to lower the Total Cost of Operation!     Or, in another word - like a power plant builder. 


Service Provider

Not just solve the business problem, we help business owners to mamange the solution platform for them, the owners can use it without manage it! Or, in another word - like use electricity power.


Technology Consultant 

Some business owners may need to have their own, dedicated solution, we are also happy to help! Or, in another word - we build a power plant just for you.


Technology Researcher

During the processes of various solution building, choosing latest technologies are most critical building block, to know them and pick the most appropriate ones is another important job of us. Or, in another word - find a better way to generate electricity power. 


What We Offer

EsiHome offers cutting edge Cloud-Based SaaS (Software as a Service) managed services combining the most robust suite of features, with top of the class reliability, and industry leading class deployment and support services.

We deliver a SaaS-based platform that helps SMB Owners obtain business intelligence from business data without requiring the executives to know BI skills.Because our solution is based in the cloud, business owner can easily access the system from anywhere at any given time from any kind of devices.

Whether you are away from your business or on the road off to somewhere, you can log in to your system and manage your entire operations from the palm of your hands.

Industry-wide management platform build and operate 

Experienced software development team led by senior developer with decades of working experiences

Business owners with industrial working background as close partner

Cloud computing technical experts to optimize the infrastructure

Customer service team to take care of the deployment and maintain the solution for customer 

Professional consultant on Cloud -based application deployment and operation 

Cloud Architecture Consulting

General cloud-based application development

Migration to cloud

Back-end implementation for mobile apps 

Customized application builds and manage for you 

Work with you to define the solution

Develop the solution for you

Deploy the solution and manage it 

Mobile application development

Triditional Mobile App development

Convert Cloud-based application onto mobile OS

Wechat applet development

Mobile App UI/UX Design

Our Services

EsiHome is one of the easiest Cloud-Based Software Platform available today 

Childcare Center Management platform

EsiHome's Childcare Center managment software solution is a cloud-based solution that helps daycare centers to manage their operations electronically. The solution can be accessed remotely by parents, teachers and childcare providers using any device. helps child care administrators by providing tools for billing and bookkeeping, payroll management, accounts receivable reports and petty cash management. offers features that help teachers and parents to track daily activity and milestones. also enables Childcare Providers to enter the lucrative child education market, with innovative Turnkey Sales & Marketing solutions that allow them to start the business.

Investment Firm Management Platform

Designed specifically for investment management related organizations , such as investor subscribe process, investor relationship, investment portfolio, interactive information updates, etc. With the platform the managing partners could be easier to observe the total investment outlook and specific investment account's statistics. For investors, they would be kept updated with latest summary of their investment account(s), help them to allocate their investment fund for an acceptable return with reasonable risk inherent. It would not be a complex tool to manage everything like a bank's system, it is a simple and easy to use application for the purpose to help differnt roles of the investment firm to get any information in anytime in anywhere. 

Sports organization management application

For sports leagues, clubs and teams. Key features include player registration, payment collection, website management, SMS communication, schedules, member communication and reporting functionalities within a suite.

Accounting Firm Data Cleaning 

In recent years, accountants are transfering their working gears from paper to electronic tools, specific softwares, etc. Now, more and more accountants are using the online softwares to process their customers' data and documents. For a practical reality, in every couple of years, there will be some new acocunting softwares emerged. Accountants are facing the challenges to choose a good software. When there are multiple applications are using by accountants and their cusotmers, the gap between the applicaitons will be an obstacle for accountants to handle their cusotmers' data. We develop the tool to erase the gap, to make accountants to use the suitable tool across the application platforms. 

Law Firm Practice management 

Perfect tool for law firms that want to streamline their invoicing, time & billing, and practice management. Reliable document and task management workflows on a secure, cloud-based network. Flexible integration with products you already depend on. White-glove data migration from your existing practice management. Accurately track time anywhere, anytime on any device.